• Worried about your Caesarean?
  • Want to reduce your Caesarean Scar?
  • Want to relieve pain after your Caesarean?
  • Want the best for baby?
Your comfort after C-Section is our business.

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Caesarean C Section

Comfort Products

Reduce Scar
C Section C-Panty Classic C Section C-Panty Tummy
 After Caesarean Underwear to reduce scarring, swelling and tenderness.
lilac-good fem-pad
 Affordable Comfort for after your C-section
C Section Caesarean Hypnotherapy
Calms you before your Caesarean
Pain Relief Belt
C Section Caesarean Belt
Reduces painkillers in your breastmilk.

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The After Caesarean Underwear C-Panty - our bestselling double pack c-section c-panty
  • Reduces Scar after your C-section
  • Reduces swelling and tenderness
  • Get the body you want starting NOW!
Why Silicone C-Panty is so good at scar reduction?
  1. Prevents new scar formation in the first place
  2. Keeps the silicone where you need it on the scar - let's you have around-the-clock scar therapy
  3. Have the body you want faster - by fading the scar faster
  4. Look Good - the C-Panty smoothes out your raised scar and the compression let's your body know who is boss and helps with the dreaded C-Shelf

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