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C Section C-Belt

Pain Relief after C-Section
with 4 Inserts


Originally developed by a young mother for the protection of her caesarean scar, the C-belt today offers a multitude of protective functions or possibilities for pain relief after caesarean delivery. Later on it becomes a useful aide during menstrual pain, back pain or bladder inflammation.

Cesarean Belt Shield Protection from Boisterous Toddlers

The feather-light plastic shell protects the sensitive caesarean section scar against impact from the baby, boisterous brothers and sisters, unintentional knocks, rubbing underwear, burdensome trouser waistbands, seat belts and much more.

A big, psychological relief after the caesarean section, which provides more closeness during breastfeeding and lets you get on with everyday life in a more relaxed way.

Cesarean Belt Gel Pad Ease problems after caesarean, such as swelling, infections and itching.

The cooling gel pad can ease problems after caesarean and promote after caesarean wound healing.

Reduces uterus pain from breastfeeding, which happens following a normal or caesarean birth, and these are eased with the cooled gel pad.

Cesarean Belt Cherry Pillow Ease pack pain in later pregnancy

The last months of pregnancy are often torture for a highly stressed back. The pleasant warmth of the cherry stone pillow helps relieve back pain in pregancy, by reversing the belt and fitting around the lower back.

Reduces uterus pain from breastfeeding, which happens following a normal or cesarean birth, and these are eased with the natural warmth from the pillow.

Naturally warming and relaxing, it also makes a useful aide over the years, far beyond your pregnancy and breastfeeding time, e.g. during menstrual pain or with relief of back pain problems.

Cesarean Belt Pillow For complete comfort after your cesarean

The pillow can be combined with all inserts. Together with the protective shell it offers the best possible protection against kicks and knocks - e.g. after a caesarean - with higher wearing comfort at the same time.

In connection with cherry stone or gel pillows, it eases or prolongs their warming or cooling effects with its insulating characteristics.

C-Belt Caesarean Belt   £19.95
*includes all 4 inserts
C Section Caesarean belt
C Section Caesarean belt
C Section Cesarean belt