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C Section Fem Pad

Warm Fem Pad - Comfort
Cool Fem Pad - Healing


'Every new mum should relax in warm comfort and let her body heal. Spoil yourself... you deserve it.'

  • Heal Quickly
    Cool Fem Pad is great for first few days after c-section, keep your wound cool to heal quickly
  • Relax in Warmth
    Fast warmth when you need it - just pop in the microwave for a few seconds and Warm Fem Pad is ready to comfort you.
  • Reduce Pain
    Best for breastfeeding. When your baby feeds, your uterus contracts. These after birth pains are similar to contractions. Use the immediate warmth to relieve pain and bond with your baby.
  • Comfort Always
    Great for menstrual pain, back pain or abdominal pain in the future.
  • Best Value
    Affordable comfort - sometimes the best things in life don't cost the earth!

Designed by women for women - the seven sections ensures the heat fully warms your post-pregnancy body and the footed-base holds the fem pad upright, while you get back to baby in comfort.

The only pad designed just for women and the full warmth covers the complete pelvic region. You know you deserve that kind of luxury.

...for every women - warmth and comfort always.

Size: COSY (20cm x 17cm) and FULL WARMTH (28cm x 22 cm)


Fem Pad Cosy £11.95   Colour

Fem Pad Full   £22.95    Colour

fem pad blue
fem-pad-round (5K)
fem-pad-pink-sit (3K)
lilac-closeup (15K)