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C Section Tummy/Classic

C-Panty Tummy & Classic Set


Recovery & Post-Baby Slimming

A full service starter pack! The ideal way to have alternating panty options for recovery. A C-Panty Classic Incision Care, our pull on and go panty with silicone and mild incision compression paired with a C-Panty TummyCut, also with incision area silicone and compression.

Both cuts have full incision care for swelling, scarring, sensitivity and tenderness. Plus the TummyCut for the days that you long for a pre-pregnant shape, just want more support or need protection on a tender midsection. Gentle, focused, anatomic compression at the tummy. Toss the bulky 'belly belt' and get back to baby in comfort.

Fabric content: 92% nylon, 8% spandex. Cotton reinforced crotch. Washable as a delicate.

Sizes: Medium 8-12 | Large 14-18
*Classic C-Panty sizes limited - so set sizes limited

Double Pack - 1 White Classic and 1 Black Tummy Shaper only
Classic x 2 - 1 White and 1 Natural only

Tummy and Classic £64.95

Classic Cut x 2 £40
C Section C-Panty Tummy Shaper
C Section C-Panty Tummy Shaper
C Section C-Panty